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When Should I call for Furnace Repair

If your furnace doesn't start, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot yourself. First, check your thermostat settings. Make sure it's set to HEAT and the fans to AUTO. If they are set to a different temperature, the furnace won't trigger. Also, check your thermostat battery. It might be worn out and no longer give the correct reading.

What Should You Do When Your Furnace Doesn't Work?

If you notice that your furnace is not working, you can quickly troubleshoot the problem by performing basic repairs. First, you should check the ignition. If the sensor is dirty, you can remove it and clean it with sandpaper or a straight-edged knife. After cleaning, reinstall the sensor and replace the screw to close it. If it still doesn't work, you can contact a furnace repair professional. 
If the furnace's power switch is faulty, you can replace it by following the manufacturer's recommendations. Then, check the fuse to see if it's black or damaged. If this doesn't work, consult a technician and have them check the electrical system of your furnace.

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How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost?

The cost of furnace repair varies based on the complexity of the repair and the cost of the replacement part. If you choose a higher-quality technician, you will probably pay a higher fee upfront, but you'll save yourself money in the long run. A good technician can perform the repair properly and won't need to return to fix it multiple times.
The blower motor is another component of the furnace that controls airflow. When this part breaks, your home will cool off quickly. A technician will likely replace this part and clean it before reassembling it. The entire process can cost $400 to $700 or more. A furnace duct cleaning service can cost another $90 or more.

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